Don't go it alone.

We'll be with you the whole way

Don't walk it alone.

We know how hard this can be, and we believe you shouldn't feel uncomfortable going to your lawyer. There can be intense pressure placed on the accused parties, so we'll be there to support you every step of the way. You'll get through this.


Mike Hinton

|Hinton & Bailey LLP

“I just couldn’t sleep at all last night.” —
Countless clients before we speak with them.

“You don’t know how much better I feel now that I’ve spoken with you.” —

Those same clients after we meet.

We believe these testimonies are the results of our care, experience and dedication to what we do for the people who we work for.

This is what motivates us. This is what has driven us for over 50 years. The law changes rapidly. The legal system can be murky, confusing, and terrifying. How is anybody expected to go it alone?

We see ourselves as more than the people guiding you to safety. We are the trusted partner for our clients—educating, calming, and inspiring our clients to keep fighting for their rights.

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