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Anti-Trust Charges

Meeting the Challenges of Today’s Global Antitrust Climate

More than 115 countries have antitrust laws, and enforcement regimes routinely collaborate on major merger and business conduct investigations. More than 80 of these jurisdictions require pre-merger notification and approval for transactions affecting commerce within their borders. The United States, the European Union (EU), its Member States and many other countries have increased dramatically the number and scope of investigations into cartel conduct and allegations of price-fixing. And private damage antitrust litigation — a fixture in the United States — is rapidly increasing in Europe and other jurisdictions.

This highly-regulated environment creates a dangerous operating climate for businesses and requires sophisticated antitrust counsel, with global capabilities, knowledge of local practices, and comprehensive expertise across the major antitrust disciplines of mergers, cartel and conduct investigations, and litigation.

Hinton & Bailey’s Practice meets these challenges every day with lawyers that match market-leading local expertise with broad experience in providing seamless, integrated service and counsel across borders. Teaming with their colleagues around the world, Hinton & Bailey live and work in the world’s major antitrust jurisdictions and have first-hand experience working in dozens of other countries.

Comprehensive Expertise and an Integrated Approach

Hinton & Bailey’s practice is built around highly qualified lawyers who are accustomed to working across borders and are fully aware of both the local and international dimensions of antitrust and competition issues, no matter what the business model or industry. Hinton & Bailey’s antitrust lawyers provide forward-looking, business-centric advice and counsel on the full scope of antitrust and competition law issues, including:

  • Merger Clearance
  • Cartel Investigation & Litigation
  • Competition-Related Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Antitrust
  • Compliance Counseling & Training Programs

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