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Areas Of Representation

Hinton & Bailey LLP

Athletics Scholastics

               The Firm’s lawyers have successfully represented both college and professional athletes in a number of cases.  These cases have varied from criminal accusations and Grand Jury submissions by law enforcement to administrative rules violations alleged by the NCAA.   The Firm has consulted with athletes on a variety of matters ranging from amatuer eligibility restrictions to coaches and agents being accused of misconduct.  Hinton and Bailey have provided experienced, competent and discreet representation—never seeking to aggrandize the matter at the expense of the client.

               On the scholastic side, our lawyers have represented young men and women who are forced to deal with allegations of criminal conduct in parallel administrative forums.  In some situations, both a criminal and an administrative or disciplinary hearing is conducted—one which will affect permanent records.  We are prepared to step in and deal with not only the accusations of criminal conduct but those issues which arise by virtue of a claimed violation of a code of conduct.