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Today’s communities of schools and universities face challenges previously unthinkable. Every part of our society is affected and every level of education is affected from grade school through post-graduate. Students, parents, officials and administrators all struggle with a myriad of issues. Coaches and athletes, even entire programs can find themselves at risk.

Our Firm has represented students and educators alike. On the scholastic side, our lawyers have represented young men and women who are forced to deal with allegations of criminal conduct—often committed off campus. We have also dealt with the same questions in parallel administrative forums.  In many situations, both a criminal and an administrative or disciplinary hearing is conducted—one which can affect permanent records.

The Firm’s lawyers have successfully represented high school, college and professional athletes in a number of cases.  Combined, these cases have varied from serious criminal accusations, investigations by law enforcement and Grand Jury submissions to administrative rules violations alleged by the NCAA or other administrative bodies.   The Firm has consulted with athletes on a variety of matters ranging from amateur eligibility restrictions to coaches and agents being accused of misconduct.

Hinton and Bailey have provided experienced, competent and discreet representation—never seeking to aggrandize the matter at the expense of the client. We are prepared to step in and deal with not only the accusations of criminal conduct but those issues which arise by virtue of a claimed violation of a code of conduct.

Types of Charges:

Sexual harassment

In the Athletics programs, this normally involves an inappropriate relationship between a student-athlete, normally a minor, and athletic personnel.


This is one of the most commonly litigated claims in school athletics programs. Unfortunately, hazing continues to be a widespread problem in school, with courts imposing accountability to districts and athletics personnel because of their failure to create or ineffectively implement anti-hazing policies.

Disabilities law applied to athletics programs

This normally involves individuals with disabilities not getting an opportunity to participate in the school athletics programs. This contradicts existing disabilities laws (Americans With Disabilities Act, With Disabilities Education Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973) that grants students with disabilities the right to participate, alongside with their peers, at school athletics programs, physical education courses, intramurals and club sports.

Student-Athletes constitutional rights

There’s an increased number of complaints with regard to violation of student-athletes’ constitutional and civil rights due to a suspension of students for violating team codes of conduct (or the athletics’ department rules).

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If you’re facing or accused of misconduct, hire the services of Hinton & Bailey. At Hinton & Bailey, we have experienced defense lawyers possessing an exceptional depth of knowledge in sports laws with aggressive strategies that will definitely help you. Our lawyers have decades of experience providing comprehensive legal services for young men and women involved in disputes with all facets of school athletics.

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