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At Hinton & Bailey, our Texas environmental crime lawyers defend individuals and companies facing a grand jury investigation, criminal charges, administrative charges or civil actions because of violations of state and federal environmental laws.


Such crimes are referred to as “crimes against the environment.” The field of environment crimes spans as vast as our environment itself. Many different agencies enforce environmental laws.

Intentional dumping of substances into public waterways

Illegal Transport/storage of hazardous materials

Accidental Discharges
which result in violations

Air pollution issues

Oil spills and
ground pollution

Injury or death due to
environmental law violations

Types of investigations

Grand Jury Investigations:

It’s not uncommon in federal or state environmental cases for a “person of interest” to be subpoenaed to testify in a grand jury investigation. Our Firm has extensive experience advising people who have been called to testify before a grand jury, either because they are the target of an environmental criminal investigation or as a witness. The focus of the investigation may not always be apparent. Most people do not fully understand the circumstances, and regardless of their role in the investigation, it is wise to speak with a lawyer in advance of your appearance. Our lawyers will work to identify your status and advise on your best course of action.

Environmental investigations:

Hinton Bailey lawyers have conducted internal investigations for multi-national and local corporations. We have examined cases and/or conducted investigations into large corporations as well as smaller ones.

On short notice, our lawyers have flown off-shore to oil rigs to lead investigations and report the findings to the corporate officers and boards. We have boarded ocean-going tanker ships to participate in the investigation of individual representation of crew members who are accused of wrongdoing. In such cases, the Firm’s lawyers are as comfortable in the boardroom presenting their findings as they are in the lower decks of a ship where they investigate the facts. We do what is necessary and right--whether it is advising an individual or a corporation as to their best options.