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While other states have abolished or limited the use of the death penalty, a conviction for the crimes of murder or capital murder in Texas can put you on death row. If you are the subject of an investigation involving a homicide or if you have been arrested and charged with murder your first priority should be to obtain the services of a Houston murder lawyer to represent you.  Hinton & Bailey has the training and experience to take on the challenge of defending your rights and potentially your life.

Houston Homicide Crimes

Law enforcement and prosecutors in Texas aggressively investigate and prosecute someone suspected of taking the life of another person. Houston criminal defense attorney Hinton & Bailey has the experience, knowledge, training and resources to wage an aggressive defense on your behalf if you are accused of committing a homicide offense including:

  • Murder
  • Felony murder
  • Murder for hire
  • Capital murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Vehicular homicide

From their experience representing people charged with murder, Houston homicide attorneys Hinton & Bailey know the impact a conviction for homicide can have on you and your family. Penalties for murder in Texas can include life imprisonment or capital punishment which makes having a Houston murder attorney who is capable of defending you against these serious charges essential.

Aggressive Houston Murder Defense

Houston criminal lawyer Hinton & Bailey knows from their years of training and trial experience that homicide is the killing of another person but not all homicides are punishable as criminal acts. Affirmative defenses such as self-defense and justification could absolve you of criminal liability. The staff at Hinton & Bailey investigates the facts of every case to uncover evidence to use in creating a defense strategy.

Skilled Houston murder attorneys know that the prosecution case is sometimes based on evidence that was unlawfully seized or on statements obtained in violation of an accused’s constitutional rights. Hinton & Bailey knows the stakes are high so they develop a defense strategy that seeks to create reasonable doubt by challenging every aspect of the prosecution’s case including motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence or incriminating statements.

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From arrest through trial, defending your rights and freedom require the skills, knowledge and courtroom experience of a seasoned Houston homicide lawyer. Call Hinton & Bailey today at 713-864-4477 to put our defense team to work for you.